On February 6, during the celebration of the national congress of probiotics and prebiotics, Dr. Vicente Navarro, in a guest conference, will review all aspects of the entero-utoan axis and the influence of the intestinal microbiota on atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and inflammation. acne. Results of the clinical research carried out in the Vinalopó University Hospital in Elche, the Catholic University of San Antonio in Murcia and the Bioithas Research Institute in the Alicante Science Park and the University of Alicante.

During the congress, researchers from the same research group will contribute to the results of the intestinal microbiota study in pathologies such as Clostridium difficile infection and the preliminary results of the development of prognostic markers in multiple sclerosis, work led by D. Pedro Sánchez-Pellicer . and Mrs. María Ángeles Méndez Núñez.


See the preliminary program of the congress.