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Investigation in Medicine and Biotechnology

Bionou constitute it on the one hand, researchers of a Spin off with years of experience in Research, Teaching and Innovation. In recent years, the scientific production of articles in indexed journals with a high impact factor, the development of concept proofs and the registration of several patents has been our hallmark.

The value of Bionou is knowledge in the study of the microbiota and its relationship with health and disease.

In 2017, a collaboration was formalized with investors who end up giving the definitive impulse to turn Bionou into a reference in biotechnology, microbiota and study of new therapeutic targets in this field.

example 1

Clinical study to validate the efficacy of a probiotic mix in atopic dermatitis. After 3 years since the design of the idea, the probiotic mix has a registration of international patent and it is already licensed and marketed in spain.

example 2

A preclinical and clinical phase 2-a study to validate the efficacy of a nutritional supplement in the treatment of acne skin commercialized in several European countries two years after the start of the study.

example 3

Clinical study in psoriasis. International patent registration and licensing in several countries of the world after 3 years from the design of the study and development of the clinical trial by members of Bioithas

Last News

Video of scientific diffusion.

Dr. Vicente Navarro with Ana Quirant, researchers from Fisabio, talking about Human Microbiota on the European night of researchers, held on September 27 in the nurseries gardens of Valencia....

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Scientific dissemination Bioithas

On February 6, during the celebration of the national congress of probiotics and prebiotics, Dr. Vicente Navarro, in a guest conference, will review all aspects of the entero-utoan axis and the influence of the intestinal microbiota on atopic dermatitis,...

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