Scientific dissemination Bioithas

On February 6, during the celebration of the national congress of probiotics and prebiotics, Dr. Vicente Navarro, in a guest conference, will review all aspects of the entero-utoan axis and the influence of the intestinal microbiota on atopic dermatitis,...

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Interview at Radio UCAM

All the news of the Catholic University of Murcia. And, this week, we interviewed Dr. Vicente Navarro, Principal Investigator in the MiBioPath group of the UCAM, about different projects he carries out, among them, the treatment of psoriasis through the...

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Interview at TV Program “Know how to live”

The scientific director and CEO of Bionou, S.L with registered office in Onil and located in the scientific park of Alicante, University of Alicante presents his latest research study at RTVE ( the spanish television radio program) called, "Know how to...

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